Today has consisted of pure bliss! We arrived yesterday to Maui and drove to our hotel in Hana. The view is gorgeous and our villa is adorable. I had a facial today that made my skin feel amazing and we went to the beach earlier where the water was delicious. It’s amazing to feel so so happy and relaxed,




Aloha from Hawaiian Airlines! My family and I have a fun trip planned Maui and are just starting the adventure. We arrive later today and then will precede to drive on the road to Hana where we will be staying. We are planning to stop at waterfalls and a black sand beach along the way. I am getting a facial tomorrow and our villa offers smoothie classes.

A bientôt,



To do on the plane:

-Write in a journal. Cleo and I are both keeping journals over our spring break and will swap when we fill them up so we can read about each other excursions.

-Get a coloring book. Not just for little kids anymore, coloring books are a great way to get an artistic fix if you are not the best at drawing. I have one named Secret Paris by Zoé de las cases. I brought some colored pencils with me and it is a fun way to make a masterpiece.

-Read. Reading is my favorite way to pass time. I brought Gloria Steinem’s My life on the Road and The Great Gatsby. 

-Watch a movie. Most airlines have movies provided, but I like to rent them on my computer. I’m watching How to steal a million (with Audrey Hepburn!) and The Great Gatsby.

Track your flight. Haha I’m joking, but I do love periodically checking out the status of my flight.

Have fun flying in the sky!



60/365 – Mon Chéri, Cleo

It’s my most wonderful friend ever’s birthday next weekend. Plus heureux des anniversaires ma chérie Cleo. So, this post is in honor of her… and the fact that she just hung up on me. Here is the story. I moved so so far away from Cleo, she in the world of the French and me to the world of the… carefree. It’s been hard and easy for us to stay in touch, I’ve had a harder time with other friends, but Cleo and I can talk for hours about nothing-the fact that my grandmother just sold her parking space for and amazing amount of money or feeling like we don’t have anyone to love us are equally interesting discussion topics that never bore. So, like that we have FaceTimed and texted our way through friendship all while trying to deal with time difference. We’re lucky because we meet in Massachusetts in the summer and get to experience that magic together. So, we’re never too far apart. But, it’s hard on the days when I want to call her, but Cleo is asleep or vice versa. Good news at the tip of my tongue I have to keep it in until I can call her later. So, she hung up on me because she has to go (though, to be fair, I think she wanted to go eat a croissant and go to bed). I miss you Cleo, happiest of birthdays next week.