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My holiday series continues, how to get over jet lag

I have never really had problems with adjusting to different time zones. I am very good at pushing through being tired in order to have fun, even on two hours of sleep. However, the rest of my family is not and they always have to sleep sleep sleep when we get to our destination. I guess that it really depends. Here are some steps I take to keeping myself awake and adjusting to time.

-Rosewater and other floral mists. I use these often to help keep myself awake and energized, even on a day to day basis. They wake you up and keep you smelling fresh.

-Getting a good meal. Eat a good meal and this will change your day. Really, snacking won’t make you feel good, just cranky.

-An eye mask. This is to prevent jet lag. On planes it’s essential to be comfortable in order to get a good sleep and eye masks add that extra push to good sleep.

-Resilience! You have to push through (and it will be so worth it). Just push through the first couple days and the rest of the trip will go smoothly.



Airport chic

March 23, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.36.33 PM

How to look your best in an airport? A frequently asked question, people are always asking how people stay comfortable on an airplane whilst also staying chic and sophisticated. I think that there needs to be a balance of both to have a successful flight. I think we should care more about travel. It used to be a glamorous thing, not just stuffing yourself in an airplane seat. Here, Karlie Kloss looks extremely chic in her Burberry monogrammed backpack, Dolce and Gabbana jacket, and overalls. So, step one of looking your best is to care… and when in doubt, Burberry.



**photo from sunshinekarliekloss on tumblr


Travel essentials:

I am traveling to London in a couple weeks and I am so excited. I’m going to go more in depth into my things once I’ve packed, but off of the top of my head here are some things I always bring with me when travel internationally.

-Chewing gum: essential for high altitudes and for distracting if you’re scared of taking off.

-Facial wipes/face masks: Stay clean and fresh. Airplanes are filled with germs and keeping your face clean is very important.

-A cashmere sweater: Ahhh, a definite luxury something cashmere gives you a slice of home on a long, long flight.

-A good book: My favorites are: The Great Gatsby; My life on the road; The Boys in the Boat; The Secret Garden; Love, Style, Life; How to be Parisian wherever you are

-An entertaining movie: I love to watch anything with Audrey Hepburn and Monte Carlo

I hope this helps you traveling on spring holiday!




March 20, 2016

Wow! Fifty days of blogging later and I am going strong, not to jinx it. Here’s a little about my feelings towards this space.

-I really really want to know if people are listening to my words and seeing my pictures. Say bonjour here and on my Instagram. I’d love to hear from you.

-I added a new page to the blog called so so good which is an ever growing collection of pieces that I’ve bought or love.

-I still am in love with the color red and Paris.

-Fashion and photographs have been creeping their way onto the blog and being a student I can’t post them full time, but I am trying and hopefully will continue to expand the variety of posts that go on here.

Well, that’s all for me. How are you darling? I’d love to hear.

A bientôt,



Bonjour, bonjour!


How are you on this beautiful Sunday morning? I went to this adorable little croissant shop on Clement and Arguello called Arsicault. It’s a lovely french pastry shop with outdoor sitting and the most amazing croissants (and coming from a french girl that knows croissants very well, this is a big compliment). I had the petit pain au chocolat and the chocolate was smooth and the croissant flaky. Mmmm.

Well, I’ll leave you in your croissant dreams now,