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February 27, 2016

from people watching today:

-the guy doing nails at the nail salon: he wasn’t painting my nails, but rather a friend of his. let me tell you, he was hilarious. he talked about going to fashion school but then also about shopping at target. also, he talked for ten (TEN) minutes about mashed potatoes.

-my nail lady: she was so sweet and made me smile. i love everyday people that have nice energy.

-the table in the back of the brasserie: well, i have a story for you. there were five people sitting at the table behind me and they all seemed drunk in one way or another. this one guy kept talking (screaming) about his testicles for an hour. the skunk haired lady wouldn’t stop kissing with the screaming dude and had the worst hair ever. the next girl was sort of normal. Although, she did go to the bathroom three times for ten minutes each time. then there was a guy who looked like a dug dealer and a guy that slobbered and spit his food all over himself. my mother went to the bathroom to investigate and it turns out skunk lady is leaving her job and that one of the guys there was here boss. apparently, he is going to scream at her if she goes to work on monday…

i love little stories that hint into my day,




February 25, 2016

I miss Paris. I’m longing for the easy way of life that makes things so simple. I miss the croissants and eating smaller French style meals. I miss the language and the fashionable culture. I love America, but it’s a hard place to love when everyone is always on their phone. France is timeless and old, I love that people still care about history there. Not that everyone does, but most do.

-A diary of homesickness


February 19, 2016

Cleo leaves tomorrow and it feels like the end of the world. Seriously, my coffee partner and photo taking best friend is leaving meeee.